Auger Pellet Stove and Top and Bottom Auger Feed Systems

The auger feed systems of pellet stoves is a vital part of the mechanics of how pellets are fed to the burn pot. There are two main types of auger feed systems; horizontal and vertical. In horizontal bottom fed auger pellet stoves, pellets are transported via a horizontal auger screw directly from the pellet hoper to the burn pot. The pellets are fed into the fire underneath, therefore pushing out the ash over the sides of the burn pot into the ash bin and out the way of the fire therefore not suffocating the fire. In vertical auger feed systems, pellets are fed from the pellet hoper via a vertical auger screw upwards. The pellets then fall down a shoot directly into the fire via a top fed system. Vertical top fed systems can cause problems with excess ash build up and can require more maintenance than horizontal auger pellet stove fed systems. Therefore try and purchase a bottom fed auger pellet stove rather than a top fed one.

Auger Feed Systems and Auger Motor Considerations

When purchasing a pellet stove you need to take into consideration what fuel pellets you intend on burning. Different manufactures produce different types of fuel pellets and quality can vary greatly. This can cause problems with the running of the pellet stove. One of the biggest problems to auger feed systems and the auger motor is the varying lengths and densities of pellets. When pellets are manufactured they can be produced at varying lengths depending on the knife setting in the pellet mill that the manufacture uses. This results in some pellets been longer than others. Depending on the design of the pellet feed system and power capabilities of the auger motor, some pellets may require to be broken to fit through the auger feed tube. However in some pellet stoves this can cause serious issues, and potentially damage the auger, auger drive or auger motor. Horizontal auger feed systems have less problems with this than vertical auger feed systems so if possible try and purchase a pellet stove that incorporates a horizontal auger feed system.

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What Other Issues Should You think About Before Purchasing

Before you commit to purchasing a particular pellet stove you should create a tick list of all the factors that are important to you so you can be confident that you are purchasing the best pellet stove for you needs. Things to consider are; size, is it big or small enough to heat the area that you are heating, i.e. is the kW maximum heat output sufficient. Fuel; are the mechanics of the pellet stove of a high enough quality that you shouldn't have any problems burning various types and quality of fuel pellets. Auger feed system; does the pellet stove have a horizontal auger feed system rather than a vertical auger feed system so that pellet length will not cause any beak downs with the auger motor.

The PelHeat Stove and Boiler Guide

To help you feel confident in purchasing a high quality pellet stove that fits all your needs we have developed the pellet stove and boiler guide. The guide will show you all the information you need to know. Please click the link below.

Pellet Stove Guide

The Pellet Stove and Boiler Guide PelHeat Ltd - Auger Pellet Stove