Harman Pellet Stoves and Harman Boilers Can Cope With More Ash?

The last few years since oil and gas prices have started to increase substantially have seen a rapid growth of pellets stoves, such as Harman stoves. Wood fuel pellets are a much cheaper alternative to heating your home with fossil fuels such as oil and gas, in some cases cost savings year on year can be as much as a heating bill cut in half. Wood pellets are also a green fuel, and do not contribute to climate change and global warming. Therefore there are now many monetary incentives to install pellets stoves such as Harman units.

Prices of Fossil Fuels to Increase by Nearly 70% in the next 6 Years

The continued trend over recent years of increasing prices of oil and gas is set to continue into the future. Limited supply and rapid increases in demand due to the increase in global population are driving up the prices of oil, gas and coal.

Harman Pellets Stoves can help to Reduce Our Reliance on Foreign Oil

Oil and gas are currently central in our lives as they power transportation, generate our electricity and heat our buildings. We are therefore currently reliant on oil and gas to power our lives, and most of this energy comes from the Middle East and Russia. The economy is in a state of recession, and now more than ever it is important to support the local economy. Pellets stoves such as the Harman stoves can use fuel locally produced from local resources. This therefore means Harman stoves can help us to reduce our use of oil and gas.

Producing Fuel for Wood Pellets Stoves can Generate Local Green Jobs

Many different local biomass resources can be used to produce fuel pellets. This includes woody biomass and energy crops such as Switchgrass, Miscanthus and Hemp among many others. Producing the fuel  locally and consuming the fuel pellets locally means cheaper fuel prices due to reduced transportation, lower green house gases while supporting the economy.

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Some Harman Pellet Stoves Cannot Burn all Biomass Wood Fuel Pellets

Not all pellet stoves, including Harman pellet stoves can burn all types of biomass fuel pellets. Different fuel pellets produce different percentages of ash. The design of the Harman pellet stoves burn pot and auger feed system among many other factors dictate if the Harman stove can burn the pellets without complications. Fuel pellets which generate higher levels of ash demand a lower price point than that of premium pellet fuel. Some fuel pellets can cost less than half the cost of premium pellet fuel. Purchasing a more pellet fuel flexible Harman pellet stove therefore provides more options on your choice of fuel.

The PelHeat Wood Pellet Stove and The Advantages Of Harman Stoves

At PelHeat, as you can see from the video above, we specialise in small scale pellet production solutions and pellet burning characteristics, such as higher ash content fuels. We therefore summarised that research into this guide to help consumers purchase better Harman stoves and other makes of stoves.

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The Pellet Stove and Boiler Guide PelHeat Ltd - Harman Pellet Stoves Can Cope With More Ash?