Make Your Own Fuel Pellets From Home With The Mini Press

We have been researching and experimenting making and burning pellets since 2006, and we have made quality fuel pellets with various pellet mills. We have owned several small pellet mills produced in China. However our experience of these pellet mills is it takes a lot of time and effort to produce the pellets to a sufficient quality, and it also takes quite a bit of work to actually make the pellet mill work at all. Therefore we now have details at of the new Mini Pellet Mill which is much more sophisticated and controlled than the small flat die pellet mills sold around the internet. The Mini Pellet Mill has a built in hopper and conditioner to properly feed and prepare material.

Make Your Own Fuel Pellets From Home With The Mini Press

The Mini Pellet Mill has also been specifically designed to operate from a domestic single phase power supply, and during operation will consume only 1.3 Kw's and produce 20-30 kgs of wood pellets per hour. Other biomass materials can be used to produce your own fuel pellets, but as always really this depends on what type of pellet stove or boiler you have and how well it will burn the pellets. For instance we get a lot of people asking about making pellets from lawn cuttings. Lawn cutting once dried and milled are very easy to pellet, and the pellet mill would achieve a much higher productivity. However these are about the most corrosive pellets you could possibly burn, and even the best pellet stoves and boilers would not last long burning lawn grass pellets.

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Make Your Own Fuel Pellets From Home With The Mini Press

Therefore before you even consider the idea of making your own fuel pellets from home you need to have a good idea of what materials you have and what your pellet stove or boiler will be able to use. A good place to start would be local tree waste companies, as in many cases this will be chipped material. Chipped wood is much easier to dry than logs, and can even by dried outside. Once the chip is dry you can then run it through a shredder with a removable screen fit for the size required (a 1/4 inch screen is suitable). This material can then be fed into the hopper on top of the Mini Pellet Mill. The hopper can also be extended to hold several hours worth of material. This is where the Mini Pellet Mill benefits really lie it requires very little of your time to produce consistent quality fuel pellets, as long as there is dry material you are all set up.

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