NEWS : Austroflamm Rika Wood Pellet Stove Facts and Details

The Austroflamm has large bay window styling, and can produce up to 42,000 Btu's of heat, adequate enough to heat a space of around 2500 square feet. One encouraging factor of the Rika, is that it is advertised to use both premium and standard grades of wood pellet fuel. This gives consumers options on the fuel they use, the more expensive low ash premium pellets or the cheaper higher ash standard grade wood pellets. The stove is equipped with an programmer where the on, off and temperature settings of the stove can be stored for one week. The Austrosflamm also has an automated cleaning feature, this system works on an hourly basic to keep the stove clean and working to it's full efficiency rating. Important features on the Rika stove are a stainless steel heat exchanger and cast iron plates at the rear of the fire chamber. These will ensure a long usable life for the stove and good efficiency.

What Other Features And Abilities Does The Austroflamm Rika Have?

The Rika stove is aware that it needs to be as quite as possible, therefore the motors on this stove include ball bearing construction. The Rika stove is available as a freestanding stove and an insert. The internal fuel hopper on the insert is 99lbs, which is very respectable, however nothing compared to the freestanding unit. The freestanding unit has a hopper which holds 145lbs of pellet fuel, and let me tell you that is massive compared to most stoves on the market. On the low heat setting the stove will use only 1lb of pellet fuel per hour. Therefore the freestanding unit will achieve a huge 145 hours without the need for a refill. So using the stove for 8 hours a day, the stove would last for over 18 days! Due to the size of these units and their fuel capacity they do weigh more than most stoves on the market. Only automatic ignition is available on the Rika pellet stove, however this is generally never an issue. Finally the official efficiency rating of the stove is 78%. This is above the industry average. The Rika is a stove you should definitely consider for its features and benefits.

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Why Pellet Stoves Such As The Austroflamm Rika Are The Best Stoves

Well, in general stoves such as the Rika are made from quality components, which will ensure a good working efficiency, reliable operation and long useable life. You don't buy a pellet stove every few years, you buy one to last you decades. Other features you should be looking for are the ability to burn a wide range and grades of pellet fuel, not just premium wood pellets. There is huge potential with biomass pellets, however that can only be realised if consumers purchase fuel flexible stoves, and can take advantages of these fuels in the future. Crucial to this is good burn pot design, which the Rika pellet stove has.

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To be able to buy the best stoves, you need the knowledge to know what your looking for. This guide will give you that knowledge, so you can not only find the best stoves, but also save money on the stove and fuel. The guide will show you the specific features which make a good and bad stove to aid your choice.

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