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One of the unique features of the Ecoteck Sofia wood pellet stoves is that their exterior surface is made from ceramics. There are two advantages to having a ceramic outer surface. Firstly the exterior of the stove is available in several different colours. This means that you will be able to choose a stove colour to match your room. However the stove ceramic panels are also removable, there if you want a change, you can change over the panels. The other benefit of the ceramic panels is that the stoves have improved heat dispersion which will increase the efficiency of the stoves. The Ecoteck Sofia also features a quick start ignition system. Ecoteck state the benefits of this system is a safer start-up but also it extends the service life of the pellet stoves. The Ecoteck also features a humidifier to improve air quality and can also be used with the oil dispenser. Keeping the right humidity during heating is essential for a healthy environment.

What Other Features and Benefits Do The Ecoteck Pellet Stoves Have?

The Ecoteck Sofia also features a timer thermostat. The timer allows for two start times and two finish times for each day of the week. This means it is possible to get the most from the stove. The Ecoteck Sofia features a 55 lbs pellet fuel hopper. A hopper of this size if bang on the industry average, and should run the stove continuously for a few days without the need to re-fill. The heat output range the stove can produce is between 8,500 and 50,000 Btu's. The Ecoteck features a stainless steel heating exchanger system. Ecoteck state they are using stainless steel to achieve a better heat transfer. The only problem with stainless is while is does obviously withstand corrosion better, it is susceptible to cracking. To help keep the glass on the door clean from ash, the Ecoteck features an additional air vent, which constantly blow air against the glass during combustion. The combustion chamber in the stove is constructed from FIREX 600. This is a special high temperature resistant composite developed by Ecoteck to withstand the high combustion temperature generated

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Possible Complications With The Ecoteck Sofia and Ash Build Up

While the Ecoteck Sofia do appear to be well made wood pellet stoves, there are some downsides to the stove which could cause complications. All the Ecoteck wood pellet stoves are designed to burn premium wood pellets exclusively. Premium wood pellets are by far the easiest fuel pellets to burn as they produce very minimal ash, and no clinker formations (in general). However today consumers want and need choice in their fuel pellets, to keep their annual heating costs to a minimum, you therefore need pellet stoves which can burn a wider range of fuel pellets, which unfortunately the Ecoteck Sofia cannot do.

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Purchase wood pellet stoves or boilers is a big commitment, you also want the product to last as long as possible, essentially you want it to last decades. As with all products there are good quality units, and lower quality units. You need the right information and knowledge to purchase quality wood pellet stoves.

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