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Harman produce some of the best pellet stoves on the market, and are the US market leader for good reason. Their products are the most fuel flexible and reliable, and therefore can deal with a wider range of cheaper fuel pellets. With the Harman pellet stove range including the Advance, its abilities lie in the design of the pellet feed system and the burn pot design. Where other cheaper and lower quality stoves simply drop the pellets into the burn pot, the Harman Advance forces the pellets into the burn pot, and more importantly in tern forces the ash over the burn pot and into the ash pan. This forced removal of the ash is the secret, as it means the ash cannot built up in the burn pot as it does with other stoves, which will eventually stove combustion. This ability to deal with higher ash content fuels means that the Harman Advance can use lower grade and importantly cheaper wood pellets and also possibly other biomass pellets.

What Are The Important Facts And Figures For The Harman Advance?

With the Harman Advance it has a light coloured lid, so it is possible to view into the hopper to see what the level of pellets is like. To start the fire the Harman has a heating element, where combustion air is sent over the element and as pellets come into the burn pot, the fire is lit. Once the stove detects that the fire has started, the speed of the combustion fan is lowered to make combustion efficient without wasting fuel. One of the other unique features of the Harman range is the heat exchanger. Generally pellet stoves and boilers for that matter use a series of pipes as heat exchangers. The Harman Advance is different however, the stove has an accordion style heat exchanger. This provides a greater surface area for heat transfer, and also provide an easier surface to clean from ash and creosote build up. The heat probe within the stove monitors the temperature of the fire, and adjusts the feed rate of the pellets accordingly. The microprocessor control the features of the stove to maintain combustion.

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The hopper capacity of the stove is a respectable 60lbs, which is above the market average. The maximum heat output of the stove is 48,000 Btu's. The stove also weighs just around 250lbs, this means that in positioning the stove you must consider the weight. The Harman Advance also features a powerful convection fan to disperse heat around the room. Harman do also offer a log set for the stove, to make the appearance of the fire to a traditional log stove. The Harman Advance or any other Harman pellet stove is worth your consideration. However there are also many other stoves which have similar abilities and may suit your needs better. However to find these stoves you need to know what features and abilities to look for, and this guide will show you.

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At PelHeat, we focus specifically on pellet fuel in terms of production and combustion solutions, and we are aware that some pellet stoves really are not up to the job. Therefore we produced the pellet stove and boiler guide to help consumers look for the right features and abilities of the best pellet stoves.

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