NEWS : Harman Stove Company Now Offer PB105 Wood Pellet Boiler

The Harman Stove are one of the industry leads in the US for wood pellet stoves, however they have we not a key player in the wood pellet boiler market. However Harman have now developed the PB105 wood pellet boiler. The PB105 shares many of the same features as the award winning Harman pellet stoves. These features include automatic temperature control and automatic ignition, burn pot and also automated pellet pro feeder. Good access to the burn pot is another benefit, access to the in built hopper is also convenient, with a hopper storage capacity of  205lbs, which is accompanied by a large ash bin. All these features mean the PB105 will be a more fuel flexible and reliable wood pellet boiler. The maximum heat out of the boiler is just below 14 million Btu's. This means the unit can provide heat for a space of 2,500 sq.ft, and has a combustion and heat recovery efficiency of 85%  which is also very impressive.

The PB105 uses a 4 inch flue and also has a three stage heat exchanger to capture as much heat as possible. The unit has a viewing window into the combustion chamber which is also the access point for the burn pot. The wood pellet boiler also has an insulated water jacket to reduce heat loss. The units operates on 120v and has a fuse rating of 6A. To meet fire safety regulations the pellet boiler must be clearance around the back of the boiler of 6 inches, with 20 inches of clearance on both sides of the PB105, and 36 inches at the front. There are various other options extras that can be fitted. These include an outside air temperature sensor, which can be very useful to investigate the efficiency of home insulation, and also view the load on the boiler. Boiler pressure gauge and pressure relief values should be options to choose. Other options include water temperature gauge and boiler water drain off value. The PB105 is designed well, but time will tell if Harman will dominate the US wood pellet boiler market the same way they currently dominate pellet stoves.

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From the appearance of pellet fuel, pretty much all types of pellet look the same. Other than slight changes in colour, due to the production process the pellets have the same size, shape and density. This means pretty much any pellet can be put in a hopper in any pellet stove or pellet boiler, and the pellets will be fed into the burn pot. However, here is where the similarity ends, as through the pellet production process makes different biomass fuels appear the same, their combustion characteristics are very very different. For example, all pellet stoves and boiler are primarily designed to burn premium pellets, which produce an ash content of 0.5%. However different types of biomass fuel may produce an ash content from 1% up to around 7%, and increased ash content is not the only difference. Some pellet fuels produce ash which melts at lower temperatures, for example straw pellets. Melting ash forms into a material called a clinker. Even wood pellets can actually form clinkers due to the intense heat that a pellet fire can generate. Some pellet stoves and boilers cannot deal with clinkers.

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