NEWS : Kozi Baywin Wood Pellet Stove and Performance Results

The Kozi Baywin is a freestanding wood pellet stove with a traditional design and wide bay window which lets a lot of heat and light into the room. A 22kg pellet fuel hopper is quite small compared to many other stoves on the market, however the size of the hopper can be extended up to just over 45kgs. This provides two scenarios. Without the hopper extension, the owner can position the stove into a much smaller space. However, if the owner wants a more automated solution which can last without a re-fill for much longer, the hopper extension can then be installed. The feed rate of the Baywin can also be controlled. The feed rate can be adjusted from just under 500g's per hour up to 2Kgs per hour. Kozi units feature a push button start and will automatically shut down once the hopper is empty and also if the stove detects any form of malfunction. The features of the Kozi Baywin are fairly standard in the industry.

The Other Features and Specifications Of The Kozi Baywin Pellet Stove

The Baywin features a 10 tube heat exchanger. A pellet stove radiates heat from the stove, and a convection fan carries heat from the heat exchanger into the room. The heat exchanger collects heat from the exhaust gases before they reach the flue. The efficiency rating of a pellet stove is very closely linked to the design of the heat exchanger. The Kozi Baywin can produce up to 40,000Btu's of heat into the room per hour. The top loading design of the fuel hopper also makes it very easy to fill the stove. As with many of the competition Kozi also provide the stove with an air wash system. The air wash will stop a build up of ash on the glass. The stove has various manual control and a fully automated option. A wall thermostat can also be used to give precise temperature control.

One of the downsides to the Kozi Baywin is that is used a drop down pellet feed and combustion system. This has huge limitations on the capabilities of the stove to be able to deal with increased ash content in some fuel pellets.

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How Does A Drop Down Pellet Feed and Burn Pot Create Complications

Premium pellets produce very little ash, for example on average its between 0.5 and 1%. All pellet stoves are designed to deal with this level of ash, however for some this is the limit of their abilities, for example drop down systems. The problem is premium grade fuel pellets will become more expensive in the future, and other lower grades of fuel pellets will become available. If you have purchased a drop down system, you will only be able to use the premium pellets and pay what ever the market rate is. However, consumers who purchase other more capable pellet stoves will have a choice. Either opt for the lower maintenance but expensive premium pellets or the the cheaper lower grade.

Become An Educated Consumer With The PelHeat Pellet Stove Guide

The PelHeat guide has been produced to educate consumers onto which pellet stoves are suitable for the job of dealing with future higher ash fuels. After all you want your pellet stove or boiler to last decades not just a few years.

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