NEWS : Lopi Yankee Wood Pellet Stove Features and Pellet Abilities

The Lopi Yankee is one of your more traditional appearance pellet stoves. Its black exterior with gold trim door is no nonsense and provides a good view of the fire and lets lots of light into the room. Though the exterior design of the stove is nothing new, it doesn't provide the stove with the ability to have a huge internal hopper. With the Lopi is function over form, with a hopper to hold 80lbs of fuel. Let me tell you from experience, the industry average is around 55lbs, so an 80lb hopper is really huge. Also the Lopi Yankee provides brilliant access to the hopper as the hold top of the stove opens up to provide access. This makes filling the stove with fuel much easier and quicker, and will also produce less mess from dropped pellets and fines. One of the more unique features is a two stage heat exchanger system. The Lopi Yankee has no less than 12 heat exchanger tubes and a powerful convection fan to blow heat into the room.

What Other Features Does The Lopi Yankee Wood Pellet Stove Have?

The door on the stove is hinged at the edge, and opens completely to provide very good access to the combustion chamber. This will make cleaning the stove and general maintenance a much easier task. To go along with the huge 80lb fuel hopper the Lopi Yankee also features a very large ash draw. High quality steel is used in the construction of the stove, and the burn pot is constructed from stainless steel. The heating capacity of the stove ranges from 800 up to 2300 square feet, which is a fairly large space. The running time of the stove is around 47 hours running on 1.7lbs of fuel per hour. If the feed rate is increased to its maximum of 5.5lbs the stove can then operate for 15 hours continuously. The heat output respectively for this figures is between 14,000 and 40,000 Btu's. The overall efficiency rating of the stove is 75%, this is where the Lopi does fall short of the competition who are achieving efficiency ratings of over 80%. Therefore the Yankee has several benefits, but also some negatives.

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It's a sad fact, but most pellet stoves and boiler are very limited on their capabilities to handle changes in ash, possible clinker formation and corrosion risks. The reason why is quite simple, its much cheaper for manufactures to produce their products this way. Its a 'that will do' mentality that the manufacturers follow. However, there are manufacturers out there that do produce products able to deal with these issues, and it is these products which will last the distance and last for decades. This guide will help you find them.

How The PelHeat Guide Can Help You Make A Better Long Term Choice

Only an educated consumer can spot the best deals and the best products, and that's exactly what this guide will turn you in to. You will be able to then use this knowledge on your local pellet dealer to 'really' find the best stove for you, not what the salesman makes the best commission on. It cannot be overstated the importance of the differences between a high quality and poor quality stove.

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