NEWS : The PelPro Freestanding Wood Pellet Stove and Features

The PelPro wood pellet stoves have a series of features which include an internal thermostat where the temperature of the stove can be set to high or low, and on or off. One of the more unique features of the PelPro are a stainless steel heat exchanger. The advantages of a stainless steel heat exchanger are more of a resistance to corrosion, and a better heat transfer. The internal fuel hopper of the PelPro is only 40lbs, which is a little down on the competition, however does enable the stove to be more compact. PelPro are aware of this fact however, and do provide the option for the stove to come fitted with a hopper extension which will increase it's capacity to 100lbs. With the hopper extension the running time of the pellet stove with a 100 lb hopper is 100 hours. This is a massive running time, and the ash draw is suitably sized to be able to keep up, meaning this little stove can produce lots of heat for a very long time.

For such a small wood pellet stove, the PelPro produces an impressive amount of heat. The minimum heat output of the unit is just 15,000 Btu's, this will be sufficient to warm a small single room in mild temperatures. Under colder conditions the heat output of the stove can be raised to over 46,000 Btu's. The stove does come with its own internal thermometer, however if you want more precise temperature control, you can connect the unit to a wall thermostat. The thermostat will tern the stove on and off to regulate temperature consistently. In terms of heating space, the PelPro is good for 1500 square feet. However this 1500 square feet is under very cold temperatures. Under milder conditions the stove can easily manage 2000 square feet. The unit comes with an in-built hot rod fire lighter, this means the stove can start the fire on demand, and much more quickly than other methods at getting the fire up to temperature. The PelPro also has features such as air wash for the front glass, to remove any build up of ash on the glass, to keep the view of the fire clear for all to see.

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While the PelPro freestanding pellet stove may meet your short terms needs, is it really the best option as an investment for long term heating? Well really the best option if for you to learn how to tell for your self, and that is what this guide is focussed on and will teach you. So what are the core points you should be looking for when buying a pellet stove. There are various areas such as automation and maintenance, however the core areas are fuel, efficiency, and reliability. For example currently the only mass market pellet fuel is that of premium wood pellets. However as premium wood pellets are the market leader and the have the highest demand, you don't want to be held hostage to premium pellet fuel prices. Having a pellet stove which can burn other pellets has many advantages, not to mention the ability to negotiate premium wood pellet prices as you do have other options if the price isn't right. However, some pellet stoves struggle to burn even standard grade wood pellets, which produce only 1 or 2% more ash. The PelHeat guide will help you get the best pellet stove or boiler for your money which will be able to use a wide range of pellet fuels.

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