Pellet Boilers and Wood Pellet Boiler Stoves and Available Tax Credits

To help to reduce the cost of installing a wood pellet boiler, many governments around the world now offer tax incentives for installing wood pellet boilers. The reason for this is wood pellets are a carbon neutral energy form, and do not contribute to the green house effect. Therefore installing a wood pellet boiler is a pro-active way to help to reduce carbon emissions, along with other benefits.

Prices of Oil, Gas and Electricity to Rise by Over 50% in the next 5 Years

Over the next few years energy experts expect the prices of energy sourced from fossil fuels to increase dramatically. There are several reasons for this including supply problems and growing demand due to a rapidly growing global population. Also taxes on fossil fuels are set to increase to pay for green energy technologies and move away from using boiler fuels such as oil, gas and coal.

Dependence on Foreign Oil can be reduced with Wood Pellet Boilers

Russia and the Middle East provide most of our current energy resources in the form of mainly oil and gas. However due to the control of these resources and our heavy dependence, political disputes and war the price of oil and gas continues to rise. Boiler fuel pellets can be produced from wood and other biomass, therefore pellet boiler offer us the ability to reduce oil dependence.

Producing Fuel Pellets for Wood Pellet Boilers and Stable Local Jobs

As multiple locally available biomass resources including many wastes can be processed into boiler fuel pellets, pellets also offer us the ability to tackle the current economic recession and generate local and national jobs in the green energy sector. Jobs can be created in biomass collection, pellet production, pellet distribution and pellet boiler sales and support. Purchasing a pellet boiler which can burn all types of locally produced fuel pellets therefore has its benefits, including supporting the local economy and lower pellet fuel prices.

Wood Pellet Boiler Benefits

Burning Wood Logs

Only Certain Wood Pellet Boilers can Burn All Types of Fuel Pellets

There is a wide difference in the price of pellet fuel depending on ash percentage and other factors. However many designs of pellet boilers do not even have the ability to burn a wide variety of fuel pellets due to poor component designs. However these differences are not well known, and the prices of the pellet boilers do not reflect their wide range or limited pellet fuel abilities.

The PelHeat Wood Pellet Stove and Wood Pellet Boiler Guide

PelHeat work on several factors of wood pellet production and combustion. As you can see from the video above, we have experience burning a wide rage of fuel pellets and how pellet boiler designs perform during combustion. We therefore developed this guide to educate people when purchasing a pellet boiler which features are desirable and which to avoid. As your choice of pellet boiler will affect you pellet fuel options and therefore fuel prices. Therefore the wood pellet boiler guide can save you hundreds if not thousands in fuel costs.

Pellet Boilers Guide

The Pellet Stove and Boiler Guide PelHeat Ltd - Pellet Boilers