Pellet Furnace and Wood Pellet Stoves and Available Tax Credits

A pellet furnace is an ideal alternative to an oil or gas system. Fuel pellets are an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Many different biomass resources can be used to produce pellets. Fossil fuels such as oil and gas are primarily responsible for an increase in carbon emissions, responsible for global warming. Fuel pellets are a form of carbon neutral energy, as they are made from organic resources already part of the current carbon cycle. To reduce the cost of installing a pellet furnace, tax credit incentives are available.

Current Fossil Fuel Energy Prices to Rise By 60% in the Next 6 Years

As you will surely have noticed, the price of oil and gas have risen rapidly over the last few years. Experts expect these price rises to continue into the future due to high demand, reduced supply and increase taxes on carbon emissions.

Wood Pellet Furnace can help to Reduce Our Reliance on Foreign Oil

We are currently dependant on a source of oil and gas from Russia and the Middle East for our energy supplies. This dependence is partly the reason for increasing prices, as there are really no other sufficient supplies. During this economic recession and recovery, keeping living costs to a minimum is crucial for economic recovery. Moving away from high priced foreign oil and gas would make it much easier to saving on living costs, and also lower carbon emissions

Wood Pellets for a Pellet Furnace Produced Locally Generating Jobs

Not only wood, but also straws and grasses such as Switchgrass, Reed Canary Grass, Miscanthus and Hemp can be processed into fuel pellets. Growing the crops locally and upgrading into fuel pellets can provide substantial permanent jobs. Selling the pellets locally is also cheaper for the consumer, as raw material and fuel transportation is reduced, as well as reduced carbon emissions. Local pellet production can therefore help local economic recovery and cheap fuel.

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Only Certain Wood Pellet Furnace can Burn All Types of Fuel Pellets

Other biomass fuel pellets, for example Switchgrass and Miscanthus pellets produce more ash than wood pellets and particularly premium wood pellets. However Switchgrass and Miscanthus pellets will be much cheaper, almost half the price of premium pellet fuel. However a pellet furnace may not be able to burn these other fuel pellets successfully. Component design within the pellet furnace effects if the furnace can deal with the increased ash content successfully. This guide will aid in choosing a suitable wood pellet furnace.

The PelHeat Wood Pellet Stove and Boiler Guide

Purchasing a more pellet fuel flexible pellet furnace can help to reduce the payback time of the furnace with the ability to use cheaper fuel. As you can see from the video above, we have experience burning a wide range of biomass fuel pellets and how they burn. We summarised our experiences into this guide to help you purchase a better pellet furnace, and save on your pellet fuel costs.

Pellet Furnace Guide

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