Pellet Stove Prices, Your Choice of Pellet Stove and Pellet Fuel Choice

Replacing a home heating appliance is a serious commitment, and the costs can be high. Therefore you wish to choose a pellet stove at a price that is affordable, with the features and abilities you require to heat your home or business. There are several support schemes operated by local communities to encourage the installation of wood pellet stoves, and these can help to reduce the price of the wood pellet stove and also the costs of flue installation.

If Heating with Oil, Gas or Electricity Expect Prices to Continue to Rise

As the global population continues to increase at an accelerated rate, consumption of oil and gas will also continue to increase at accelerated rates. Due to carbon emissions, there are going to be more green taxes placed on fossil fuel prices. Therefore the costs of using oil and gas will continue to rise.

Slowing Down Global Warming Through Using Alternatives Like Pellets

One of the main contributors of carbon emissions and global warming is the extensive use of fossil fuels for our energy needs. Fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal are trapped forms of carbon from deep underground. They are not part of the current carbon cycle, therefore when we burn fossil fuels we place additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon in the atmosphere acts like a reflector, reflecting the suns energy back at the earth, increasing global temperatures. Using fuel pellets made from wood, grass and other biomass does not contribute carbon emissions as they are part of the current carbon cycle. Therefore increasing the use of pellets can slow global warming.

Fighting the Global Recession with New Local Long Term Green Jobs

We can generate a substantial number of local jobs developing local pellet fuel production plants. This would support the local economy and with fuel and jobs.

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Pellet Stove Prices and Purchasing More Fuel Flexible Pellet Stoves

There is a wide and growing selection of pellet stoves available at different price points. However their price does not necessarily dictate the stoves features and abilities, in fact some of the cheaper stoves are more fuel flexible and reliable. Some pellet stoves can be very sensitive to changes in ash percentage and ash melting points. These changes in fuel in some stoves can affect combustion efficiency, or in some cases stop the stove working all together. Some of the factors which influence the stoves abilities to burn fuel pellets effectively are burn pot design, auger feed systems and the ash removal system. These features differ greatly on the make and design of the pellet stove.

Learn Which Designs of Pellet Stoves Are Better Value For Money

PelHeat focus on pellet production and combustion systems. We have a wide range of experience from producing and burning a wide selection of biomass fuel pellets. For more information on the guide, please click the link below.

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