Pellet Stove Thermostat Advantages and Wood Pellet Burning Control

One of the main advantages compared to burning wood in a standard stove is control offered by a pellet stove thermostat. This means a pellet stove is much more convenient, and more comparable to oil or gas stoves. The reason a pellet stove can operate with a thermostat is due to the characteristics of the pellets them selves. Pellets have a uniform shape and size, they flow like a liquid and work well with hoppers and automatic feed systems. Therefore when the thermostat is set to a certain temperature, the pellet stove will respond by feeding the exact amount of fuel at the correct rate to reach and maintain the desired temperature. Another important reason pellet and pellet stoves can operate with a thermostat, is the low moisture content of the pellets and a hot rod igniter in the pellet stove. This means on the demand of the thermostat the wood pellet stove can ignite the wood pellets within only a few minutes.

Pellet Fuel Options For Your Wood Pellet Stove or Wood Pellet Boiler

There are a variety of materials which can be used for pellet combustion. Premium wood pellet fuel is the most common option, premium pellets produce the least ash and therefore require the least amount of maintenance. However premium pellets also demand the highest prices, and as they are produced from only specific wood residues, they are the most susceptible to pellet shortages and price changes. Practically all wood resources can be used to produce fuel pellets, which would be cheaper and more available than premium wood pellets. However, these pellets will produce more ash than premium wood pellets, however the cost benefits outweigh the extra work. In the future there will be more pellet fuel options. Other biomass resources that can be turned into pellet fuels are straws, grasses, energy crops and other resources. These include switchgrass, miscanthus and hemp. Hemp is very promising as a pellet fuel as it will be much cheaper to produce than premium wood pellets, however also generates very little ash and high heat without clinker or slag formations.

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Pellet Fuel Options For Your Wood Pellet Stove or Wood Pellet Boiler

Though there maybe a wide range of biomass materials which can be processed in to fuel pellets, and these pellets may look very similar, the way that the pellets burn will be very different. These differences are what cause many pellet stoves complications, and limit their ability. This lack of availability will show more in the future, stopping consumers for taking advantages of the locally produced and much cheaper fuel pellets. There are a few reasons for these limitations, based mainly around the construction of the burn pot and burn chamber. The design of burn pot may not be able to remove sufficient ash, or possible clinker formation. Corrosion will also destroy poor quality pellet stoves

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We developed the pellet stove and boiler guide to help consumers purchase more fuel flexible pellet stoves to take advantage of a wider range of pellet fuels which will be more common place in the future. Please click the link below.

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