What About Grass Pellets For Your Wood Pellet Stove?

While wood pellets are the current primary focus for the pellet stove industry and this is likely to remain the case, there are strong incentives for the use of other biomass fuel pellets. A PelHeat we have the Mini Pellet Mill which can be used to make fuel pellets on the smallest scale, even in your garage at home. So if wood isn't available, what is the first material people as us about? Well its grass pellets, or more specifically fuel pellets made from clippings from their lawn. This is a material many people have available to them as they are cutting their lawn once a week. Now just to be clear you can make pellets from lawn grass clippings, in fact they are the easiest pellets to make, however you shouldn't.

If Grass Pellets Are Easy To Make Why Not Burn Them?

Yes, its very very easy to make lawn grass pellets. As long as you have dried the grass it can produce some high density pellets with a high productivity through the pellet mill. So if making the pellets is not the issue, is it because they don't burn very well? Well in terms of the pellets lighting in the pellet stove, again there are very little issues. In fact lawn grass pellets can generate a lot of heat. So at this point you are probably thinking what the issue, they are easy to make and they burn great? Well the issues come with the ash content created and the corrosion. The ash content can be double that of most wood pellets, while this is not an issue for some pellet stoves it can be a serious issue for other. The major issue is the corrosion level of lawn grass pellets as a fuel.

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The Corrosion Of Lawn Grass Pellets Is As Bad As Can Be

All fuels are corrosive, even wood. Coal is one of the most wide spread fuels which can be regarded as very corrosive. However coal is easily beaten on the corrosive scale by lawn grass pellets. These pellets produce huge amounts of chloride during combustion which basically eats metal at high temperatures. Therefore your pellet stove or boiler will not very long using these fuel pellets, and any cost savings from producing you own fuel pellets are quickly gone due to the excessive damage cause from burning these grass pellets. However don't take that to mean that grass pellets are a dead end in terms of pellet fuels. Certain grasses like Miscanthus, Switchgrass and even Hemp have huge potential as cheap fuel pellets which are really no more corrosive than standard grade wood pellets or from burning wood logs. To learn more click below.

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