Why Not Put A Wood Pellet Basket In Your Wood Log Stove?

While we encourage people to install pellet stoves and pellet boilers, we also realise that these are hard economic times and people simply do not have the spare cash to install a new heating system right now. However we are all too aware that the cost of heating with oil, gas and electricity is rising, and pellets can be away to combat this cost. For instance you may have a wood log stove currently in your home, but if you don't you can pick up one for a very low cost. There are also many second hand log stoves, and in some cases these can actually be better value. Older log stoves are built with better cast iron and are more durable, and there are no working parts to worry about breaking.

Going Back To A Wood Log Stove, That's Just A Lot Of Work!

Its true with a wood log stove you are getting a very basic heating system, and using logs it can be a lot of work. A lot depends on the quality of the logs you can get, hardwood logs will burn for longer and generate more heat, but softwood logs are more available and are cheaper. Also carrying logs into your home can be hard work, not to mention quite messy. The other grade of quality of the logs you use is the moisture they contain. If you can only source virgin fresh timber logs, this is not very good news. Firstly the logs will not burn for very long, they will not generate much heat, they are hard to light and will produce lots of smoke. To make burning logs as easy as possible they need to be dried for several years to reach a moisture content around 25%, but you can do better.

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Using Wood Pellets In A Wood Log Stove With A Pellet Basket

However to make heating with a basic log stove as simple as possible you can place a pellet basket in the base of your stove. A pellet basket is simply a basic metal basket that can hold a volume of pellets in the stove with air ventilation around the fuel. You can then fill the basket with wood pellets with a metal scoop. Put a small amount of lighter gel on the pellets, chuck on a match and you will get more heat than a stove full of logs for over an hour! As the pellet fire gets lower you can use your metal scoop to top up the fire, nice and simple. Not only is it simple you are getting more heat with less mess. One 25 kg of wood pellets would provide over 24 hours of continues heat of 5 Kw's. That's equivalent to a dumpy bag of logs and therefore many trips in and out of the house to fetch more logs. So you see you can enjoy the benefits of pellets.

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